Probably the best waters to catch the biggest fish in your life await in Norway. We will take you on a Fishing trip you will remember and tell stories about for a long time. Lady Elsie Tromso organizes fishing trips in  southwest Kvaløya – a region known for its outstanding beauty. What is more, the islands and fjords around Sommarøya, Håja, Bjørnøya and Tussøya are believed to be the best fishing area in Northern Norway – a real paradise for every angler. The whole area is blessed with a huge amount of cod, coalfish, haddock, brosme, wolffish, whiting, redfish, plaice, sand dab and many more...

Duration: we offer 3hr, 6hr and 9hr trips up to 8 passengers in the spring and summer: AND MAX OF  6 ANGLERS IN  THE  SKRIE  SEASON WHICH IS /MARCH AND APRIL,these trips are not for the faint hearted and last 10 HRS and we are fishing 22mls from land
Upon request longer trips can be arranged as well. Just pick your date and contact us for more details

the  summer fishing season runs from may to september  ,then we start to prepare for the WHALEWATCHING.

Price includes: All fishing equipment, floatation suite boot,s hats and gloves.

So far we have had aboard Lady Elsie huge 41kg (90lb..6 oz) Skrei Cod. They arrive from the Barrents Sea to spawn and they are the biggest breeding stock of cod on the planet. We fish for them in March and April,   then  they travel back to the barrent sea. Many people also come for the halibut – last year we caught many specimens of this amazing species weighing as much as 65kilos! THE  SPRING AND SUMMER FISHING SEASON STARTS  MAY AND LASTS UNTIL THE END OF SEPTEMBER.

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Please have a look at our Facebook page for more photos and videos of the Skrei and summer fishing as well,  check the pictures of the mighty halibut and more!


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